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Cavallo HOLDA Hardshell Tendon Boots

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 Check this new product out from Cavallo!

If you're needing some leg protection for your horse for jumping or just exercising your horse the HOLDA Tendon Boots is a great option to consider.

These hardshell tendon boots for the front legs come in two colours - Black & Dark Blue.

Make sure you grab the matching HABOR fetlock boot.

  • Durable hard shell tendon boots in a cool look.
  • The inside of the boot is lined with comfortable neoprene.
  • On the rear and top of the boot, on the side there is a small recess that allows more freedom of movement.
  • The boots come with two wide elastic bands and fleece tape for closing on the outside.
  • The velcro straps are fixed with a double vertical velcro strap.
  • A large silver Cavallo logo is printed on the top of the velcro strap.
  • 100% polyurethan, lining 100% polyester

Full & Pony Sizes Available