About . . .

Hello lovely people,

Some of you may know me already & I’m sure many of you don’t.

So I can get to know you better, I thought I’d share with you some things about me. 

I’m married to a fellow horse lover & we have two teenage (mostly lovely) children!

I guess you could say we ‘collect’ horses. We live on a beautiful property in the Adelaide Hills with our four dogs and two chickens and 35 horses. 

I rode a little in my childhood but didn’t own my first horse until I was 27. I grew up in the city and always dreamed of having my own horse. But never did I think horses would become such an intrinsic part of my soul, my relationships and my life. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. . .

Our family is involved in many equestrian disciplines - I ride dressage & involved with Eventing, my husband & daughter have jumpers & my son plays polo. To say weekends are busy is an understatement!

Little Equine Co was first started with a friend & I'm very grateful for all the knowledge that she passed on to me when we first set it up.