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Rambo Ionic Stable Boots

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An excellent product to have on hand for general maintenance and therapeutic benefits. 
Perfect fFor use while your horse is travelling or in the stable. After initial introduction period of approx 3 days, these stable boots can be left on overnight for legs prone to filling while stabled.
  • Ionic technology promotes circulation due to release of negative ions that are absorbed by the blood stream to react with water molecules.  This stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage leading to a reduction in inflammation, pain, swelling, and improved recovery and repair of cells and tissues in the lower limb through adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients from the blood
  • Sold as a pair, can be worn on front and hind legs
  • Neoprene outer with a removable insert made with Polycotton fabric and printed with Ionic technology

Suggested introduction period 

Introduce the boots on your horse at a time where you can supervise for approx 1 hour. If you notice your horse getting fidgety, remove the boots. This is a reaction to the circulation starting to move more which can feel somewhat tingly for the horse until they get used to it.

Repeat daily and extend the time to 2 hours.  Extended leave them until you are comfortable to leave them on overnight or for longer periods unsupervised. 

The removable liners that can be washed in a cool wash (max 30) on delicate cycle, gentle spin and line dry. Use non-bio wash, wool wash or Rambo Rug Wash.

Available in Full and XFull.